High-risk Pregnancy Consultations

High Risk Pregnancy Consultations

Having a baby is a natural process, but sometimes complications can occur, which is why our physicians are here to help. Our physicians specialize in high-risk pregnancy, which happens when the health of the mother or baby is threatened by certain health complications. Some of these complications include premature labor, frequent miscarriages, genetic disorders, and pre-eclampsia. 


High-risk pregnancies can be concerning to new parents, which is why we offer pre-conception counseling, so you can take care of medical concerns beforehand. We help couples evaluate the risk factors they might face during or after a pregnancy. Services like genetic testing can target and potentially eliminate these health issues before they become risks. 


We also provide services to regulate your pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension management, asthma, and lupus. Our physicians create an environment that encourages families to carefully evaluate their health throughout their pregnancy journey. 


We hope to work together with you to ensure your safety and health. Through personalized care and treatment, we wish to relieve any worries you might have about a high-risk pregnancy. For more information about high-risk pregnancies, call our specialists today.